We perform residential demolitions!

When it comes to demolition, competence counts. The professionals here at JRP Services take our demolition projects seriously, because they are serious. Demolition performed properly can be safe and efficient. Done improperly, demolition can be downright dangerous. That’s why JRP has all of the correct licensing, adheres to local demo laws, has the right tools for the job, and the experience to back all that up.

Our Licensing

If you’re tearing down buildings or removing trees from your lot, you may need to seek a permit prior to a demolition. We can ensure that your permit is filed and valid. We have proper licensing to operate our equipment and perform demolition. We are also insured, ensuring that any accidents don’t tax our clients.

Demolition Law

We know the law here in Houston and Texas, and we’ll perform our demolitions within the constraints of the law.

Our Tools

We have the right tools to perform demolition safely. If it’s a tree that needs removal, we can utilize tools ranging from pruners to chainsaws, to our high-power stump remover. We bring the right tools to the job, ensuring safety and speed.

Our Experience

In the demolition world, experience goes a long way; and experience speaks to professionalism. We have three decades of experience in the business, and that experience leads to more precision, fewer accidents, and more efficiency. We’re professionals, and we take care to plan a demo thoroughly before we execute a demolition.

Please, get in touch with us to earn a bid on your upcoming demolition project here in the Houston area or to ask us questions surrounding our demolition services!