When is it time to get rid of that old driveway?

Well, if your driveway is cracked into more that just a few chunks, it may be time to replace it with a new pour. Take a good examination of your driveway, and ask yourself these questions: Is the driveway badly cracked? Is your driveway bumpy and difficult to drive over? Does your driveway appear eroded? Are the cracks in your driveway several inches wide?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it may be time to call JRP Services, your Houston-area demolition specialists. We’re here to make sure that your driveway is safe and sound for your vehicles and passersby. Here’s our process when it comes to your driveway:


We’ll inspect your driveway and offer up advice on the best plan of action. Some concrete driveways can be demolished in chunks, and it may be best to demolish a portion of the driveway, instead of the entire surface. Once we’ve formulated a plan for your driveway, we’ll give you a free estimate of the project cost.


Next, we’ll schedule your demolition. We can utilize a jackhammer and powered saw to cut and demolish your driveway. When using the saw, we can accurately divide your driveway into segments to be demolished and to be kept, making your new driveway appear nearly seamless.


We’ll haul away all of the chunks that we’ve torn apart. We strive to perform our demolitions without damaging any of your property, be it your home or your landscape. Although we may have to move heavy equipment over your landscape, we’ll do our best to return your yard to it’s former beauty. As your professional demolition team, it’s our duty to ensure that your landscape is clean and ready for your next driveway pour.

If you’re ready to get started with your driveway demolition, just give us a call! Again, JRP Services provides demolition services throughout Houston.