With Memorial pool2Day behind us, pool season is officially in full swing. But all the local pools are packed with local school children. And the last pool that you found yourself in, you happened upon an used band-aid. Yuck! It’s time to build that dream pool you’ve always wanted. It’s time to give JRP Services a call for an excavation. Our team makes the big dig that would otherwise take a few million shovel swings a snap. Count on us for our expertise, our tools, and our speed.

JRP Excavation Expertise

We have nearly three decades of experience in the landscaping and excavation industries. It’s this dedication to our industry that has given us the honed skills to perform our excavations problem-free; and if there is a problem, we’ll know how to solve it. Expertise means quality work, safety, and ultimately, the perfect project.

JRP Excavation Tools

We rely on big machines to do all of the heavy lifting for us. Using industry-standard backhoes, Bobcats, and  excavators allows us to perform an excavation in a jiff. While it may take days on end to perform a pool excavation with just a Bobcat, or it may be damaging to your landscape to use a backhoe, we pick the right machine for the job. Again, this ensures safety and quality when it comes to the completion of your pool project.

pool1JRP Excavation Speed

With the right tools comes speed. If you’re looking to get your pool project off the ground for the heat of summer, now’s the time to get in touch with JRP Services. We’ll work with your schedule to perform your pool excavation as quickly as possible. Give us a call to get an estimate on the time it will take to finish your excavation, and we can give you an estimate on the price tag for the project while we’ve got you on the line.

Pool Removal Services

Oh, and we also provide pool removal services! For folks looking to make the most of their landscape or those looking to throw in a new deck or patio, removing your pool can give you the space that you need. In the same fashion as our pool excavations, we can provide pool demos. With our demolition services, we still bring expertise, the right tools, and speed to each and every job. But you don’t have to just take our word for it…


“Removed pool and all pool related items. It was 21 by 40 ft and made out of gunite. They removed the debris, filled out the hole and returned it to grade.” – Earl H. (Previous Client)

Perhaps you find that you want a pool for your kiddos as they grow up; and maybe later in life you’ll find that it’s time to reclaim your outdoor oasis with an expansive, ultimate-barbecue-area deck. Regardless of the situation, JRP services can help you out. Count on us for our demolition and excavation services. We provide demo and excavation services for folks throughout Houston, Texas!