Leave your excavations to the pros!

What does it take to perform a big dig? Here at JRP Services, we have access to the big tools that aid us in performing excavations quickly and properly here in Houston. Here are just a few of the machines we use to move earth and debris here in the Houston area:


Our backhoe has a large bucket that can move a ton of dirt in a second – quite literally. These monster machines are ideal for big digs, since they can get the job done quickly, and they can scoop excess dirt into a truck for removal from the site as we go.


Similar to the backhoe (and often called the same thing) an excavator swivels about an axis just above the mobile platform. Excavators are ideal for tight quarters due to their swivel feature. They run on a track and wheel system. Excavators are also known in the biz as diggers, mechanical shovels, or trackhoes (like backhoes).


A skid-steer, or skid loader is much smaller than the backhoe or excavator. These puppies are perfect for residential work, since they can access and maneuver in small spaces. The skid-steer is named for its steering system where it will literally skid when turning on a dime. The skid-steer can be fit with several specified working parts to perform different tasks. For example, skid-steers can be fit with auger attachments, scoops, a snow blower attachment, a cement mixer attachment, a wood chipper attachment, a tree spade attachment, and stump grinding attachments, among others. It’s a versatile machine to say the least.