Leave your excavations to the pros!

Here in Houston, and across America, mankind has buried millions of pounds of infrastructure. Be it plumbing, gas lines, or electricity, the earth is a veritable mine field of important infrastructure, and each line comes with its own dangers. This is one of many reasons why Houston citizens should think twice before performing their own excavations – and they should certainly contact 811 or 800-344-8377 if they decide to perform their own excavations. The state

provides utility location services to ensure that homeowners don’t hit utilities as they dig into the earth. If you don’t call before an excavation, here’s what you’re liable to hit:

Water Mains and Sewage Lines

Water main breaks can cause damage quickly, and huge damages if they go unattended. Sewage line breaks can also cause major damage, especially if ignored. Don’t make a costly mistake by hitting plumbing as you dig into the earth.

Electric Wires

Buried electric wires can be downright dangerous. Hitting a line with electric tools can be deadly, and the cost of repairs can be serious. Don’t anger your neighbors by cutting their electricity.

Gas Lines

Again, hitting a gas line can be downright dangerous. Metal tools are especially prone to sparking while digging, and a single spark can cause a gas line ignition.

Phone Lines

Buried phone/internet lines keep you and your neighbors connected to communication. Avoid upsetting the whole neighborhood when you excavate. Call 811 before you start your own project, or let the pros here at JRP Services perform your excavation the right way!