Here at JRP Services INC, we’re a family owned company with nearly 30 years of experience in the Houston TX tree service. Today we’re discussing what you need to know about tree topping since it is such an extreme form of tree pruning.

Some Misconceptions

The first thing you should know about topping is that we don’t generally recommend it unless it’s as an extreme case or last resort. There are some common misconceptions about topping trees that lead some people to believe topping is a good course of action.

The first misconception is that it reduces the mess of leaves that the tree makes.This is true only for a limited time and at the risk of the tree’s life. The new shoots that grow from the topped tree often grow in faster and fuller than before, leaving you with even more leaves to deal with.

Another misconception is that tree topping reduces the risk of a tree falling over. This is untrue, though, as topping can actually result in increased risk because of unbalanced weight. Further, a tree may not be at risk of falling over even if it appears to be at first.

Only a certified arborist can determine for sure if there are undeniable signs of structural weakness that could lead to collapse. If you think your tree may need to be topped, always consult a certified arborist first.