Trees attract hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are a beautiful part of Houston wildlife, and it’s rewarding to attract these little guys to your property. Planting trees can do you a service in attracting hummingbirds, but you’ll want to plant the right trees for these birds.

Fruit Trees

Hummingbirds thrive on flowers, and they can aid in pollinating your fruit trees. Planting fruit trees and flowering trees with vibrant flowers will earn a hummingbird’s attention, as bright colors attract these creatures.

Maple Trees

You’ll want to plant maple trees in your landscape as well. Some hummingbirds are sapsuckers, and they’ll seek out sappy trees like maples.

Laurel Trees and Ash Trees

Laurel trees and ash trees provide shelter for hummingbirds. Since laurel and ash feature full foliage, their canopies provide ideal nesting areas. Hummingbirds will also flock to these trees during high winds and thunderstorms.

The More the Merrier

You can’t go wrong with too many trees. Most hummingbirds are attracted to forested areas, as there’s often food, water, and shelter nearby. A clump of trees is a beacon for hummingbirds.

Once you’ve got a tree-filled landscape, you’ll also want to provide water for your hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are attracted to small pools of fresh water. Often, you can find hummingbirds drinking rainwater from a downed leaf. You can mimic that by plucking a few big leaves and filling them with water.

Hummingbirds thrive here in Texas. So do your landscape a service, and plant a few trees to earn visits from our Texas hummingbirds!