As many homeowners are aware, trimming your trees has many benefits for both your property as well as the tree. Not only does it promote healthy tree growth, but it also keeps branches from overhanging onto your roof, vehicles, or other structures. For those who live in Texas, you know just how important a well-placed and well-kept tree is due to the likelihood of a hurricane. As we approach this year’s hurricane season, JRP Services would like to provide you with some helpful tree trimming tips to ensure your property is protected. Keep reading to learn more and schedule your tree trimming services today!

Before A Storm

As a homeowner, it is important to prepare your trees well before a hurricane moves in to reduce the chances of branches breaking and falling. While it may be tempting to grab the chainsaw and start chopping away at unwanted branches, there is a right way and a wrong way to trim a tree. You should always rely on expert help from a certified arborist, like JRP Services, for proper trimming and debris removal in early spring well before the threat of hurricanes arise.

Preparing Your Trees

When looking for a qualified tree trimming company, you want one local to the area as well as one with years of experience preparing trees for intense hurricane weather. Here are a few tips for ensuring your trees are properly trimmed:

  • Hire a certified arborist
  • Never ask a company to completely “top” a tree, leaving it with few or little leaves
  • Do not have your company remove more than 25% of the canopy
  • Encourage good branch angles
  • Remove interior branches
  • Do not cut the root system or off-center your tree
  • Always remove debris, as it could become airborne during a storm

After A Storm

As a Texan, you know the possibility of a hurricane is quite likely, leaving homeowners to deal with flooding and fallen tree debris. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to access the tree damage on your own. JRP Services can help. We have years of experience cleaning up properties after a hurricane has passed. We offer a variety of services, including hazardous tree removal, tree trimming, land clearing, stump removal, and emergency tree services.

Tips For Up-Righting Small Trees

Young trees are often not strong enough to withstand the extreme winds of a hurricane. While downed trees may look concerning, they are not necessarily a lost cause. A certified tree arborist, like JRP Services, can help you evaluate the extent of damage, formulating the best plan of action with the possibility of replanting.

As hurricane season approaches, get your property ready. A well-placed tree can help protect your home or other structures from hurricane damage, but it is important to note that your trees need routine maintenance to give them the best chance of survival as well as reduce hazardous falling branches. JRP Services is proud to offer affordable tree trimming services in the Houston area to help homeowners prepare for hurricane season. If you are interested in tree trimming services, give our expert arborists a call!