tree2 In our previous blog, we began discussing some of the best shade trees that thrive here in Houston. We started our list with a few varieties of elm trees and oak trees. Today, we’re continuing that theme by delving into details surrounding the Walnut, Sissoo, and Loblolly trees of Texas. As your Houston source for tree services, we’re ecstatic to keep our neighbors informed about all things tree. Here are a few more of our favorite shade trees that thrive in the Houston sun.

tree3Walnut Trees

Walnut trees provides a massive canopy, and the Texas Walnut tree is no exception. The Walnut is a hardwood tree and it can grow to a booming 75 feet in height. That means huge swaths of shade for your yard and landscape. Escape from the heat of the Texas sun with a Walnut tree.

Sissoo Trees

Similar to an aspen tree in its look. Full of leafy foliage, the Sissoo is another excellent shade tree choice. And you simply won’t believe how quickly they grow! It’s no surprise that the Sissoo tree is popular throughout the Houston landscape. This tree loves to soak up the sun.

Pine Trees

The Loblolly Pine is an excellent Texas-native tree. Beautiful and massive, this can provide shade for your patio or deck, it can provide a beautiful view, and it can mitigate noise if your home is near a busy street. This tree grows extremely fast, and it’s the fastest Texas-native pine tree species.

Stay posted as we point out more trees that you can plant in your landscape to escape from the Texas sun. And as always, count on us for any and all of our tree services. We perform tree removal, tree pruning, tree topping, stump grinding, tree fertilization, tree preservation & healthcare, tree cabling & bracing, and tree root barrier building services! Call us to get started!