As a Texan, you’re used to the sun. You know how to endure the rays of high noon, and you know how to beat the heat. Our list of fast-growing shade trees is here to help you do just that: Escape from the sun. Let’s take a look at our favorite Texas shade trees, as provided by JRP Services, your connection to tree services throughout the Houston area.


Sycamore Trees

The sycamore is large, and it’ll provide your lawn with a big break from the shade. Sycamores grow at a staggering speed, and they can grow to a height of 70 feet. Sycamore branches are packed with leaves that thrive in the Texas sun, and it’s these leaves that leave an umbrella of shade across your landscape.


Cypress Trees

Cypress trees are beautiful and they’re ideal for soaking up the sun’s rays. These trees can also be planted in most soils. The Bald Cypress tree thrives in the Texas climate, and it’s iconic cone shaped canopy provides an ideal amount of shade. The Bald Cypress can grow 1 to 2 feet in a single year.


Birch Trees

The River Birch tree is an excellent option for your Texas property. This variety of tree grows fast and it can explode to 50 feet in height. Plant this tree near your deck to gain the benefit of dense shade, or plant it throughout your yard and enjoy its beauty. The River Birch’s leaves yellow in the autumn, giving your yard added texture and color.

Well, that’s our list for today! We’ll have more shade tree suggestions coming up in our next blog! As always, you can count on JRP Services for all of your tree service needs here in the Houston area! Call us today!