Here at JRP Services, we’re proud to be your trusted Houston-based tree care experts. We strive to provide efficient, safe tree care services, including tree trimming and stump grinding. When it comes to cutting trees, whether it be a complete tree felling or simply a few branches, the tools we use count. We rely on a variety of tools to ensure that your landscape is pristine, your trees are healthy, and your home is safe. Here’s a look into the tools of the trade behind our tree care services:


If we’re simply shaping the leaves of a bushy tree, we can utilize the hedge clippers. For minor trimming, hedge clippers are the ideal hand-held tool. We might use an electric or gas powered trimmer for larger projects and fast, efficient trimming.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears have a bit more cutting power. Sheers feature a shaped blade that is ideal for trimming smaller branches. Handheld pruning shears are best utilized for low to the ground cutting projects.


Loppers are essentially extended pruning shears. This tool provides a bit more leverage than shears, and a bit more length to reach higher and hard to reach branches. Loppers can trim branches that are just a bit bigger than those which you could cut with pruning shears.

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws are curved, hand-held saws that make minor trimming a breeze. If you need a few dead branches cut off of a tree, we might resort to the reliable pruning saw. Pruning saws are light, making them easy to wield, even with just one hand. They can cut into larger branches, even branches that are 6 inches in diameter or more. However, when it comes time to cut these larger branches, we may just switch to the trusty chainsaw.


The chainsaw is an iconic woodcutting device. Chainsaws are ideal for big branches, and tree trunks. Depending on the size of the chainsaw, a chainsaw can get through nearly any tree. When it’s time to cut down that dying tree in your backyard, we’ll bring out the chainsaw. Or if you have a dead branch that’s dangling over your home, we can use the chainsaw to keep your abode and its residents safe.

Tree Climbing Gear

Harnesses, ropes, carabiners, hard hats, climbing spikes, ladders – we have all the tools necessary to scale a tree to safely cut branches. When you have buildings, vehicles, and valuable landscaping nearby, you don’t want a single branch to fall where it’s not supposed to. That’s why we properly tie off branches as necessary.

Stump Grinder

Our stump grinder is the heaviest machine in our tree felling inventory. Stump grinders utilize a heavy duty blade that rotates at high rpms as it slowly moves across the surface of a stump. Once the blade has chewed through the uppermost surface of a stump, it can be lowered to mow down a few more inches. This process is repeated until the stump has been reduced to the desired level. We can even shave the trunk down beneath ground level, so that the area can be backfilled with dirt, then covered with sod or whichever landscaping material is desirable.

JRP Services Tree Trimming & Felling Services

If you have an old tree, a dying tree, a few bad limbs, or a stump that needs removing, we can help. Here at JRP Services, we provide all-inclusive tree care services for folks throughout the Houston area. We strive to turn your landscape into a picturesque oasis. We want your trees to be healthy and pristine. All the while, we want to ensure that your family, home, and property are safe. Learn more about our tree care services, and get a Speedy Fast Quote®!

JRP Services Provides All-Inclusive Tree Care

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