We provide various tree services.

Here at JRP Services, we provide the full litany of tree services, including tree pruning and trimming, tree topping, tree planting, tree fertilization, stump grinding, and tree removal. With all of our services, we strive to leave your landscape as pristine as possible. That means that we clear away any and all debris from our projects. With our tree removal services, we’ll chop down your tree and haul away all of the remains. However, some of our clients like to keep their tree, either for firewood, or for mulch.

Using Your Tree for Firewood

Although you’ll likely have to cut down your tree chunks into smaller pieces, a dead tree is the ideal source of firewood. A dead tree, when allowed to dry out, is perfect for firewood, and a large tree can last as your firewood source for seasons on end.

Using Your Tree for Mulch

Mulch is an excellent landscaping tool. Mulching your tree gives you a nutrient-rich, beautiful groundcover resource. Utilizing your tree as mulch will give you plenty of landscaping material to use around your garden, shrubs and bushes, and other trees throughout your landscape. Mulch is a natural weed deterrent, natural water attractant, and it’ll provide nutrients for your soil for years to come. To mulch your chopped down tree, you’ll need to rent a mulcher. Mulchers are machines that take tree branches and stumps and pulverize them into small mulch pieces.

Regardless of your intentions, you can count on JRP services to remove your tree and grind down the remaining stump. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our tree services, or to book an appointment for your upcoming tree removal and stump grinding!