Tree trimming does your trees an important service

Here at JRP Services of Houston, we find that folks often ask about the best time to trim their trees. Well, with Spring right around the corner, now is an excellent time to get your tree trimming done – otherwise it’s best to wait until next year! Most botanists recommend trimming trees in early spring, just before the trees begin to bud. Trimming trees in spring can actually aid the health of the tree, and it provides numerous other benefits.

Trimming and Your Tree Health

Trees tend to flourish after a healthy trimming. When trees are trimmed, the tree will provide more nutrients and water to the remaining limbs on the tree. Trimming off dead limbs is especially helpful for trees, since these limbs can still suck up water and dead limbs are liable to rot and spread infection through the rest of the tree. So trim your trees for their health!

Trimming for Your Lawn & Garden

Trees can mask the sun that would otherwise reach your lawn, garden, or other flourishing flora throughout your landscape. If you have a lawn that’s not getting enough sun due to the tree canopy, trimming your tree can be an easy option to save your grass (and it’s good for the tree, as we’ve just mentioned)! If you’re looking to ensure that your garden is prolific and fruitful this season, trim back a few limbs off of any trees that would otherwise shade your garden. Trimming your tree limbs will also ensure that shrubs, bushes, and flowers around your landscape get enough sunlight to thrive.

Trimming for Your View

A tree can be a beautiful sight, but it’s liable to block an even more picturesque view. With tree trimming services from JRP Services, we’ll ensure that you get the optimum view surrounding your trees. If you have a tree that’s blocking your window, we can give it a quick, healthy trim. Or if you have a tree that masks beautiful views of your Houston home landscape, you can count on us.

Trimming to Keep Your Property Safe

Tree limbs grow. It’s just how trees work. If your tree is overgrown and it’s near your home or other valued property, it’s liable to cause damage. Dead limbs can be especially dangerous, and can wreak havoc on a home, car, or innocent bystander. Eliminate the hazard by trimming off dead branches.

Even live branches can be a danger. As branches grow, they can literally push into walls, windows, and roofs. Overgrown branches can be especially dangerous during powerful storms with high winds. Here at JRP Services, we’re happy to lop off troublesome branches, and we have the know-how to ensure that a cut off limb is properly tied off so that it falls somewhere safe. We strive to make sure that any cut tree limbs won’t damage your home or property. We’re here to ensure that your home is safe from the potential danger of a tree limb. Get in touch with us today if you need tree services including tree pruning and trimming.