Tree trimming does your trees an important service

Trimming your trees regularly can actually promote your tree health! Let’s further explore that fact, and some other reasons why tree trimming is beneficial to a homeowner…

Trimmed Trees Are Healthy Trees

Getting rid of dead limbs, limbs sick with mold and insect infestation, and superfluous limbs benefits the health of your trees. Happy trees actually thrive after a trimming, as other limbs will receive extra water and energy from the root structure. You’ll see more fruit in your fruit trees, and more flowers in your flowering trees. And those green leafy ones will be greener and leafier.

Unkempt Trees Can Damage Your Home and Your Property

Have you seen videos of tree limbs dropping onto homes and cars?! They’re crushing! Large limbs can fall right through a rooftop; and even small limbs can crack a windshield. Tree limbs can be a serious risk to the assets you value most. Not to mention passerbyes….

Keep Your Family and Animals Safe

It’s rare, but it does happen! Dead limbs can fall and injure anyone walking underneath a tree. Remove that hazard from your yard, and keep your peace of mind.

Keep Suckers at Bay

Suckers are new branches that sprout at the base of some tree trunks. These juvenile branches tend to devour root water, and they’re the peskiest of branches – they always grow right in the way of where we’d like to walk! Get rid of those suckers, and keep your tree looking prim, proper, and pristine!

Call on JRP Services to get those trees trimmed. Our tree trimming services are second-to-none! We remove dead limbs, trim extra limbs, lop off low limbs, and get rid of those pesky suckers. We also perform tree removal and stump grinding if you think your tree is truly on its last limb (no pun intended). Call on us for all of your professional tree services!