We know what you’re thinking: how can there be yet another blog about how to reuse your old tree? Sounds too good, to be true, doesn’t it? Yet here we are! We have already shown you that your felled tree can be used as excellent outdoor seating or as a pedestal for chopping wood. Your old tree can also be put to use as firewood or ground into mulch for use in your garden or other parts of your landscape. What other possible applications are there? Keep reading to find out!

tree-decorUsing Your Tree as a Table

You have probably had your old tree felled and cut into smaller, more manageable pieces. But what about that leftover stump? If it is still in good shape, you can have it made into a table! Sand down the rough edges, make sure that it is level, and finish it with some wood stabilizer to keep it from falling apart. If you are feeling like going the extra mile, you can even add a glass tabletop if the stump is wide enough to support it.

Using Your Tree as Decorative Decor

Sturdy branches and other parts of your tree can make excellent decor. A visually interesting branch in a glass vase can act as a statement piece on your coffee table. Trees that are in good condition (and are able to fit inside your room) can be used as the posts of a four-poster bed for a rustic but chic bedroom. Hang a strong branch over your dinner table and decorate it with hanging candles for a pretty DIY chandelier. The options are limited only by your imagination!