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Landscape Lighting Services

JRP provides professional landscape lighting services. Our specialists and craftsmen have years of experience implementing landscape lighting and high-performance outdoor illumination for homeowners and business owners throughout Houston.

We design and install elegant, modern landscape lighting to embellish your property, adding a dash of brilliance to your building and your landscape’s best features. Our services include landscape lighting systems installation, maintenance, and repair for both commercial and residential properties in Houston — call us today to get started, or learn more about our landscape lighting services below.

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Our Landscape Lighting Services

You didn’t put all the hard work and spend thousands on the exterior of your property only to see it disappear in the dark. You want the astonishing view to extend throughout the night and show the natural beauty and features of your property.

With some strategically placed landscape lights installed throughout your landscape, you’ll highlight focal points and leave your guests amazed. You can hide any eyesores and while adding depth to your outdoor living space.

Plus, landscape lighting is an excellent solution to enhance the security of your property providing you with peace of mind, even at night. Our landscape lighting will grant you greater visual control over your landscape, garden, or patio — you name it — ensuring both intruders and wildlife stay away.

That’s not all! A properly installed outdoor lighting system will illuminate your backyard, protecting you and your guests from any accidents that could happen in the dark. Light walkways, stairs, and uneven paths to ensure greater pedestrian safety; that way, you can have outdoor parties and group activities to entertain your guests without worrying about any unseen hazards.

When you’re ready to get started, we have highly qualified technicians ready to install your outdoor lighting system, tailing your lighting to your unique property and your specific needs. With every project, we use professional lighting techniques and high-quality equipment to minimize maintenance. That also helps you make sure your outdoor lighting system will work for long years without the slightest damage to your property.

Installing Your Lights

JRP surrounds a team of experts experienced in installing outdoor lighting systems for private homeowners and businesses. Throughout the years, we’ve developed an efficient process to design and install backyard lightings that turn heads.

Our Step by Step Process

For starters, we’ll do a quick property inspection and consultation to determine which areas you’d like to light, and the equipment required to attain the desired effect. We want to understand your vision, so we can provide you with professional advice and suggestions.

After our first meeting, we’ll begin the installation phase. We use cutting-edge exterior lighting technology in all of our installations. Our experienced landscape lighting team is trained to set up lighting systems quickly and efficiently. We’ll work with you to ensure that the final design exceeds your expectations.

If you need any maintenance or repair services, we’d be happy to provide you with that too. We offer long-term assistance to keep your landscape lighting functioning perfectly. Additionally, we offer upgrades to your existing outdoor lighting equipment and designs — reach out to us for more information.


We Install All of the Following

  • Accent lights
  • Outdoor dining area lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • In-ground lighting
  • Step lighting
  • Patio and deck lighting
  • Bistro lighting
  • String lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Tree lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does landscape lighting installation cost?

We provide competitive pricing. Our prices are suitable for all homeowners and business owners looking to brighten their backyards. If you’re looking for an exact estimate, we’d be happy to meet with you at your property. We will discuss your outdoor illumination needs and quote the total cost of the project.

Will the installation process damage our landscape?

A huge part of our professional training is about ensuring that the installation process won’t damage your property. We’re very careful with the equipment we utilize and the systems we design. We also use eco-friendly lights with low-voltage and less intensity to keep your plants and trees healthy.

Do you offer maintenance after installation?

We offer repair services after installation. Our outdoor lighting designs are created to require very little maintenance and rarely require costly repairs. But like any other equipment, your landscape lights may burn out, your cables could get damaged, or the whole power system could go off. When you do have an issue, we’d be happy to help.
We have an expert maintenance team at your service to help you solve your landscape lighting problems. So, if you ever face any challenges, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call at 281-820-3915.

Should I leave the lights on at night?

We will program your system to automatically turn on/off at the time of your choosing. That way, you won’t have to do it manually twice a day, every day. 

Do landscape lights use a lot of electricity?

We install a low-voltage lighting system that uses less electric power while maintaining the same brightness. That’s the best option to cut your electricity bills and make your outdoor area shine at night.

The JRP Tree & Demolition Difference

JRP Tree & Demolition is Houston’s trusted source for tree care services. We have over thirty years of experience helping folks throughout the area by improving their properties and the health of their trees. We’re certified arborists, which means that we truly know how to care for trees. Plus, we have all the proper equipment (including safety equipment) necessary to make our services swift, as well as safe. Count on us for any and all of our tree care services. Get started with a free quote for your upcoming project, and discover the JRP Tree & Demolition difference for yourself!

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