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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning can significantly add to the health and beauty of a tree. However, if a tree is improperly pruned, it can create issues as the tree continues to grow. That’s why we encourage our clients to count on our tree care specialists for safe, efficient tree pruning services that will leave their tree stronger than it was. After all, thriving trees will add great value to your property, giving you, your family, and your community shade and beauty.

JRP Tree and Demolition has been working in the tree service industry, pruning trees throughout the greater Houston area for more than 30 years. We are passionate about giving you the best looking, healthiest trees we can so you can enjoy them for years and generations to come.

Below, we have further information about our tree pruning services, including the benefits of tree pruning, answers to our most frequently asked questions surrounding tree pruning, and a few reasons why we think you should leave tree care to the professionals.

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Benefits of Tree Pruning

Elevating lower limbs: If you have a tree with limbs that are too low, it can make your landscape look a bit unruly, and it can create an annoying obstruction. We often prune back branches that are hanging over lawns, where they can become a hazard as you mow the yard, or as the kids run around. In addition, folks count on us to lop off branches that are a hazard for their driveway or sidewalk. We also prune low branches that obstruct your views, and branches that will soon become an obstruction as they grow.

Thinning for light and wind filtration: If you miss having a sunny deck, or if you’d like a landscape with better wind penetration to keep cool during the hottest months of the year, we can prune your trees to give you optimal light and wind filtration. Folks often call on us to trim their trees to give more light exposure to plants, gardens, and lawns below their canopy as well.

Eliminating weight at end of limbs to prevent splitting or limb failure: If you have a tree with limbs that are overly heavy, then you have a hazard on your hands. Heavy, drooping branches are liable to fall at any time, and that means that you can end up with a giant limb smashing into your sedan. If you notice that your branches no longer look structurally sound, we can cut off some of the weight to provide relief. We also remove branches that are causing the entire tree to lean, and we can cable and brace trees that are liable to fall over.

Encouraging growth of the tree: Trees actually grow better when they’re properly pruned. As long as you don’t prune more than 25 percent of a tree in a growing season, regular pruning actually improves tree health and promotes new growth. Since the remaining branches will have better access to water, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil, tree pruning is a good idea once every year.

Protecting your property from falling damaged limbs: If you notice that any of your tree’s limbs are damaged or diseased, it’s best to have them lopped off before they damage your property or passersby. Keep an eye out for branches that are discolored, branches with mushrooms growing out of them, branches that no longer support foliage, and branches that are losing their bark. These are all signs that your branches are on their last limb.

Eliminating branches that are too close to electrical or utility lines: If you have a branch that’s growing toward a powerline or other utility line, you have a growing problem. Let us lop off any branches that are dangerously close to utility lines around your property.

Removing branches that rub against each other: Trees can sporadically grow into one another. That’s bad news, since rubbing branches can damage each other, and they may even cause further problems that can harm your trees (including loss of protective bark, which can expose your tree to a disease). If you notice rubbing branches between your trees, we can prune one branch to save the other.

Removing mistletoe, a parasite that will kill tree if left unchecked: While mistletoe can be an attractive plant, it is parasitic, and it can slowly kill your tree over time. Keep an eye out for trees that have a bundle of out-of-place foliage which produces white berries — this is mistletoe. Mistletoe grows on tree branches, and it relies on a tree’s supply of water and nutrients to grow. With enough mistletoe growth, your tree can wither and die. It’s best to remove mistletoe before it takes over your whole tree.

Thinning for visibility: If you have branches that obstructing cherished views from your home, landscape, patio, or deck, we can prune back your tree to give you the views that you desire. Trees tend to grow in whatever direction pleases them — fortunately, we’re here to shape your trees when that direction is undesirable.

Removing dead or dying branches: As we mentioned, dead and dying branches can be a serious hazard for your property, plus they can damage your tree. Count on our tree care experts to properly remove dead and dying branches.

Pruning saplings: If you have saplings that are jutting out from the base of your tree, then the rest of your tree may be suffering. Not only do saplings look bad, but they also leech away water and nutrients from the roots of your tree, which can choke off new growth in the canopy of the tree. It’s best to remove saplings as soon as they crop up in order to continually supply adequate resources to the rest of your tree.

We also shape ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges: If you want your property to look picturesque, we can prune your trees, shrub, and hedges to any shape that you desire. We have an arborist on staff with knowledge of numerous plant species, which means that we know how much we can prune a particular species, and which branches should and should not be cut to retain the health of the plant.

Pruning FAQ

When is it best to prune my trees?
If you’re curious about the best time to prune your trees back during the year, we have a trained arborist that can provide you with ideal pruning instructions for your particular tree species. That said, here’s our general rule of thumb: Trees that don’t bloom and trees that bloom late in summer should be trimmed in late winter or early spring. Trees that bloom in spring, on the other hand, ought to be pruned just after they’ve bloomed.

How much of a tree can be pruned at a given time?
Again, if you’re considering lopping off a large portion of a tree, you should speak to a certified arborist first. We can let you know if your tree will survive aggressive trimming. While trees are rather resilient, most trees should only be cut back by 25 percent or less in a given year.

Can major branches be cut?
Yes, trees can still thrive after major branches are cut. Often we cut major branches that hang low to the ground, or branches that are an obstruction or hazard on your property. As always, we’ll be careful not to prune off too many branches, especially if we’re removing major branches that jut out from the trunk of your tree.

Do you provide emergency tree care services?
Absolutely. When disaster strikes and you’re stuck with a tree that needs immediate attention, you can call on us for tree care services 24/7. Reach out to us if you have fallen limbs, dangerous branches, or any other tree damage that requires immediate care.

Leave Tree Care to the Pros

While it may be simple enough to turn small pruning projects into a DIY afternoon, we recommend that you leave larger projects to a professional, especially if you’re pruning anything that requires use of a ladder. Pruning trees can be dangerous, time-consuming, and it can be performed poorly — which may ultimately damage or kill your tree.

When you hire the professional crew here at JRP Tree and Demolition, you can trust that our crew starts every project with safety in mind. We have the appropriate tools and safety equipment to make any job less hazardous. When it comes to lopping off high branches, we know how to reach those more dangerous branches safely. We come equipped with a cherry picker, ropes, and climbing gear to make easy, safe work out of the most difficult to reach branches. At the end of the day, cutting anything higher than your head can be dangerous, so it’s best to trust an outfit that has the proper tools, plenty of experience, and the training necessary to prune branches and lower them to the ground safely. Plus, our crew is bonded and insured — so if an accident does happen on your property, you won’t have to worry about shelling out a dime.

Pruning trees is also time consuming for the average joe. If you decide to prune your trees yourself, you might realize that you don’t have the right tools for the job, and you can spend unnecessary hours using the wrong tools to achieve poor results. With JRP Tree and Demolition, we bring all the tools necessary for an efficient pruning job, including everything from loppers to hand saws to chainsaws. We make quick work of your pruning project, and we’ll cut, clean up, and clear out in no time.

The last thing you want to do when you’re pruning your trees is to put them at risk of dying. While light pruning will rarely kill a tree, pruning back larger branches can put your tree at risk. Plus, you can easily damage your tree if you don’t trim larger limbs at the appropriate angle, or if you accidentally cut into a branch that you meant to keep. We know how to properly prune branches to maintain and improve the health of your trees. We even have a certified arborist on staff who knows how much a tree can be pruned back in a given season, which branches are essential and non-essential, and how to prune a tree to improve itself, instead of harming it.

Count on JRP Tree and Demolition

Professional pruning will leave your trees thriving, and your landscape looking its best. Our staff of tree care experts know how to prune trees correctly, so they will stay healthy and flourish. In addition to our experience and understanding of how to best care for trees, we have the right equipment for the job, and an expert crew.

Let us help you maintain your property with the tree pruning services that our neighbors here in Houston love. Contact us at JRP Services for a free quote to get your project started.

The JRP Tree & Demolition Difference

JRP Tree & Demolition is Houston’s trusted source for tree care services. We have over thirty years of experience helping folks throughout the area by improving their properties and the health of their trees. We’re certified arborists, which means that we truly know how to care for trees. Plus, we have all the proper equipment (including safety equipment) necessary to make our tree services swift, as well as safe. Count on us for any and all of our tree care services. Get started with a free quote for your upcoming tree care project, and discover the JRP Tree & Demolition difference for yourself!

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