tree-rootTree root barriers aid in preventing root growth that could be harmful to your structures or landscape. We can install root barriers as we plant new trees, or we can retrofit our root barrier systems to aid in guiding your current trees’ roots. Tree root barriers are useful for the following circumstances:

Protect Your Structures

Growing roots are very powerful. A growing root can push its way through thick cement. If you’ve got a tree that’s near your building’s foundation, you may want to install a root barrier as a precaution. Also, you can utilize root barriers to prevent sidewalk and driveway cracking. You’d be amazed at how much damage a growing root can cause!

Prevent Exposed Roots

Exposed roots can be a serious annoyance throughout your landscape. Installing an appropriate root barrier will ensure that your roots thrive close to their trunk, or far below the surface of your land. Aside from tripping up passersby, in some trees an exposed root will turn into a ‘sucker’ or a new tree structure. These new structures absorb water and nutrients that could go to the parent tree, and they would need to be cut back. Utilize root barriers to prevent these issues.

Protect Buried Infrastructure

Buried pipelines may be endangered as nearby roots grow. Tree roots can easily work their way into a sewer line, and they can choke off or break a water line. And that can cause serious damage to your landscape that will require many dollars to fix. Instead, purchase peace of mind by installing a root barrier between your tree and your buried infrastructure systems.