1. Make Room for Your New Eco-Friendly Pool

    In places like Houston, where the heat is tangible in the air, it is important to have ways to keep cool--especially during the summer months. What better place to cool down and relax than in a blue and glimmering pool? A pool is almost an essential to beat the heat this summer. But old pools can be an eyesore. What’s more, old pools can also be taxing upon the environment in ways that can be av…Read More

  2. Excavating For Your New Pool

    With Memorial Day behind us, pool season is officially in full swing. But all the local pools are packed with local school children. And the last pool that you found yourself in, you happened upon an used band-aid. Yuck! It’s time to build that dream pool you’ve always wanted. It’s time to give JRP Services a call for an excavation. Our team makes the big dig that would otherwise take a few …Read More