1. Designing Your Pool Layout

    If you’re designing a pool for your property, but you don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s true, you’ll have plenty of priorities to weigh when it comes time to design your pool. In this article, we’re going to outline and break down some of the considerations that you should weigh before you break ground on your pool (or before you let us perform your p…Read More

  2. Make Room for Your New Eco-Friendly Pool

    In places like Houston, where the heat is tangible in the air, it is important to have ways to keep cool--especially during the summer months. What better place to cool down and relax than in a blue and glimmering pool? A pool is almost an essential to beat the heat this summer. But old pools can be an eyesore. What’s more, old pools can also be taxing upon the environment in ways that can be av…Read More

  3. Excavating For Your New Pool

    With Memorial Day behind us, pool season is officially in full swing. But all the local pools are packed with local school children. And the last pool that you found yourself in, you happened upon an used band-aid. Yuck! It’s time to build that dream pool you’ve always wanted. It’s time to give JRP Services a call for an excavation. Our team makes the big dig that would otherwise take a few …Read More

  4. We perform residential demolitions!

    Demolition Values

    When it comes to demolition, competence counts. The professionals here at JRP Services take our demolition projects seriously, because they are serious. Demolition performed properly can be safe and efficient. Done improperly, demolition can be downright dangerous. That’s why JRP has all of the correct licensing, adheres to local demo laws, has the right tools for the job, and the experience to …Read More

  5. Concrete Do-Over

    Has your driveway, sidewalk, or garage floor seen better days? Does it have several chips and cracks in it from wear and tear? It may be time to invest in a freshly poured slab or slabs of concrete. Before you can pour new concrete, you’ll have to schedule the demolition and disposal of the old concrete. While you can do this process yourself, it can be dangerous, messy, and time consuming. This…Read More

  6. Count on our demolition pros!

    Demolition Station

    When we think of demolition we usually think about vast explosions or wrecking balls crushing residential or commercial real estate to the ground. Today we are going to look into the process of building demolition, a service offered by JRP Services of Houston, Texas. We will also be discussing the debris left behind and debris cleanup and removal services. Types of Demolition A controlled demoliti…Read More

  7. We do demolition right!

    Why You’ll Need To Opt for Pros on Your Next Demo

    If you’ve got a demolition project on your hands, leave it to the experts. Professional demolitionists know how to take down a structure or level a landscape safely. Moreover, you’ll further benefit from the following advantages: Proper Licensing & Regulations We know the law, and we have the proper licensing to take down structures and clear land. We have loads of experience with performi…Read More