1. Can My Tree Be Saved?

    Homeowners love their trees. They provide shade for guests; they provide a space to build a tree fort or a tire swing for the tykes; they make a property picturesque. So, it’s natural to want to save a tree, even if it is damaged in some way. Fortunately, in many cases, with proper tree care, a tree can be saved; even if it has seen better days. But how can you tell whether or not a tree can be …Read More

  2. Our Tree Care Tools

    Here at JRP Services, we’re proud to be your trusted Houston-based tree care experts. We strive to provide efficient, safe tree care services, including tree trimming and stump grinding. When it comes to cutting trees, whether it be a complete tree felling or simply a few branches, the tools we use count. We rely on a variety of tools to ensure that your landscape is pristine, your trees are hea…Read More

  3. When Is Your Tree a Danger?

    Most of the time, we don’t think of trees as dangerous. After all, they’re about the most docile lifeforms out there. However, trees can cause major damage. Branches can break and fall, impaling cars, shattering windows, collapsing roofs, and injuring people. A dead branch can be a major concern, and a completely dead tree can cause even more damage. Let’s take a look at some of the signs th…Read More

  4. Great Shade Trees for the Houston Heat Part II

    In our previous blog, we began discussing some of the best shade trees that thrive here in Houston. We started our list with a few varieties of elm trees and oak trees. Today, we’re continuing that theme by delving into details surrounding the Walnut, Sissoo, and Loblolly trees of Texas. As your Houston source for tree services, we’re ecstatic to keep our neighbors informed about all things tr…Read More

  5. Using Your Old Tree Part III: Tree Decor

    We know what you’re thinking: how can there be yet another blog about how to reuse your old tree? Sounds too good, to be true, doesn’t it? Yet here we are! We have already shown you that your felled tree can be used as excellent outdoor seating or as a pedestal for chopping wood. Your old tree can also be put to use as firewood or ground into mulch for use in your garden or other parts of your…Read More

  6. Planting new trees can invigorate your landscape!

    Tackle All of Your Tree Tasks in One Fell Swoop

    Here at JRP Services, we know trees. We know tree health and tree fertilization; we know tree pruning and tree topping; we know tree root barrier; we know stump removal. We even provide emergency tree services. In essence, if there’s anything tree-related, we’re the crew to call. We like to think if there’s any tree service to perform, then we can do it. In this way, we’re your one-call, a…Read More

  7. tree cutting service

    Using Your Old Tree Part II

    In a recent blog, we posted some ideas for utilizing your old tree after we’ve felled it. In that blog, we suggested utilizing your tree as a source of firewood, or for mulch. Of course, you can always count on JRP Services to completely remove and dispose of your tree (we’ll even grind down your tree’s stump if you’d like!) but there are a few additional, more creative ways to dispose of …Read More