1. Where to Plant Your Tree: A Guide

    Here at JRP Services, we know tree care. We fertilize trees, trim trees, and cut trees down when they’ve reached an old age. We even plant trees. Now, it’s a demanding task to plant a tree. Sure, it takes time and effort to find the perfect tree, dig up a hole on your property, plant the tree properly, and care for it, but where are you supposed to plant your new trees in the first place? If y…Read More

  2. Great Shade Trees for the Houston Heat

    On a sweltering Houston day, there may not be anything better than the shade of a tree and a cool breeze. Or perhaps an ice cold beverage. Or a dip in the pool. Okay, there are plenty of ways to get out of the heat of the Houston sun, but in our eyes, the more the merrier. That’s why we’re talking about some of the best shade trees for you, your yard, your company, and your family. Follow alon…Read More