tree-health-picJRP Services has a certified arborist on staff to assist our clients with sick and declining trees in Houston TX. Whether you need a diagnosis, a removal, or a health care plan, we can help you!

There are several ways to improve a tree’s health, and saving a tree from death is often a cheaper solution than cutting down that tree (plus, you’ll keep the value that your tree adds to your property). So call us, and we’ll focus on saving your tree with these techniques:

Adjusting Watering Amounts

Water is a crucial food for trees and attaining the right balance can save a tree, or send it to its demise. We’ll assess your trees current watering levels and adjust accordingly. Often, trees suffer from dehydration – and occasionally we’ll discover some form of obstruction (saplings, clay, excess mulch, and more) that is keeping water away from your tree’s roots.

Using Fertilizer

We’ll inject a fertilizing agent into your tree’s root structure if it appears to need more nutrients. Trees rely on soil for much of their nutrients, and we can reinvigorate the soils around your trees.

Ensuring Aeration

Trees need air! Properly aerated soil allows for better air and water flow to your root structure. Moreover, it aids in preventing or curing bacterial infections and mold.

Appropriate Pruning

Pruning dead or dying branches may save a tree’s life. Dead and dying branches can still soak up water and nutrients, and they’re drawing valuable resources from the rest of a healthy tree.


Per your request, we can monitor your tree’s health and try to take further action as our tree treatments come to fruition.

Please, contact us today to learn more.