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Tree Lighting Services

JRP is a Houston-based tree lighting contractor specializing in the design and installation of holiday tree lights and outdoor tree lighting systems for both homeowners and business owners throughout the area. We have a team of professionals and industry-leading specialists with decades of experience in the field ready to handle your project.

Our goal is to illuminate your trees in order to place a spotlight on your property’s best features. We can work with different tree light sizes and styles to best fit your preferences and your property. If you have any inquiries or would like to get started, please call us today. And feel free to continue reading to learn more about our tree lighting services.

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Our Tree Lighting Services

Tree lighting transforms your property into a breathtaking space. Each glowing tree will highlight your home or building’s beauty after dark, placing extra emphasis on your most attractive architectural details. Our lights also help you create a beautiful ambiance for your outdoor area to instill strong feelings of joy and comfort for visitors, impressing your guests. Our professional tree lighting extends beyond the usual aesthetic benefits of a few strand lights, plus when you hire our expert team, you won’t have to lift a finger for awe-inspiring results.

We also recommend tree lighting to increase the usability of your outdoor living space at nighttime. It’s an excellent way to create a pleasant atmosphere during the holiday season and make your time with the people you love even more enjoyable. 

Tree lighting is also an effective crime deterrent, and it may provide you with peace of mind. By lighting up your trees to illuminate your property’s exterior, you would no longer have to worry about thieves or wildlife entering your property — intruders are less likely to target your home.


Our Process

Expert tree lighting installation demands experience and training. It requires a certified professional with extensive knowledge to bring your vision to life safely. You can trust the professionals at JRP for your tree lighting project.

We provide the best tree lighting services in Houston in terms of customer service and expertise. We’ve been helping homeowners and contractors enjoy a magnificent holiday season view for years. And now it’s your turn! Learn about our process, and get started by reaching out!

Our Step by Step Process

We follow an effective tree lighting installation process to make your project as simple as possible for you.

We’ll meet at your property to discuss your project and create a lighting program designed specifically for your property and your desires. Then we can prepare your installation in advance and provide you with unique suggestions to capture your vision.

Then, it’s on to installation. We use high-quality light fixtures and expert-level installation techniques on all of our lighting projects. Our team of decoration experts will pick the best, most distinctive designs to bring your home to life and keep your display looking great all year long. We can work with you throughout the installation to ensure that your demands are met


We Install All of the Following

  • Incandescent lights
  • String lights
  • LED lights
  • Decorative lights
  • Holiday tree decorations


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your tree lighting services cost?
Each project will require a certain installation time, and specific equipment for the installation. So, it’s hard to tell from the start how much the installation is going to cost. However, we can give you a close estimate for the cost once we meet at your property to discuss and evaluate your tree lighting needs. We always provide competitive pricing.

Will the installation damage my trees?
Our tree lighting experts are trained to perform the installation process without any damages to your trees or property. We install high-quality wire connections to avoid any system failures. And we use strategically-placed, eco-friendly lights to keep your plants healthy and your property well-lit.

Do you offer maintenance after installation?
The tree lighting systems we install are designed to last for years without issue. However, there’s always the possibility of lights burning out or the equipment getting damaged due to extreme weather conditions.

To keep your outdoor area safe and shining in the dark, we offer tree lighting maintenance services after installation. We’ll send a team of qualified specialists to your house to fix any problems with your tree lighting system as soon as you reach out to us.

If you ever need help, do not hesitate to call us at 281-820-3915 or contact us via email.

Can I leave the tree lighting on at night?
It’s completely safe to leave your tree lights on at night to keep burglars away and illuminate your outdoor space. So to save you the trouble, we’ll set the system to turn on/off at the times of your choosing. That way, you wouldn’t have to do that manually every day.

Does tree lighting use a lot of electricity?
We use high-quality tree lights to keep your outdoor area well lit without spending much on electricity. The low-voltage system we’ll set in your backyard will keep your electric bills low and save you money in the long run.


The JRP Tree & Demolition Difference

JRP Tree & Demolition is Houston’s trusted source for tree care services. We have over thirty years of experience helping folks throughout the area by improving their properties and the health of their trees. We’re certified arborists, which means that we truly know how to care for trees. Plus, we have all the proper equipment (including safety equipment) necessary to make our tree services swift, as well as safe. Count on us for any and all of our tree care services. Get started with a free quote for your upcoming tree care project, and discover the JRP Tree & Demolition difference for yourself!

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