Tree removal may be required for many reasons, especially when a tree has become a hazard to people or property. Sometimes insurance companies will require a home of a property owner to have a tree removed to help reduce an insurance risk, or so the property can be insured. Other times, the tree may need to be removed to make room for other structures.

You may need to hire a tree removal service if the tree is:

  • Decayed trunk or has root rot
  • Storm damaged
  • Dead, dying, or diseased
  • Has cracks or splits in trunks or crotches
  • Outgrowing a safe area
  • On land that needs to be cleared

We can also help take care of the tree stump removal by grinding so it doesn’t cause problems in the future. This is much more affordable than having the whole stump removed. JRP Services provides tree removal services for any tree of any size, anywhere in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas.

JRP Services has been in the tree removal industry for over 30 years. During that time, we have seen a lot in the way of trees needing to be removed. Our experience in the tree services industry also helps us to perform tree removal safely and without injury or damage. Old trees can be beautiful, but if they aren’t healthy, they can become dangerous, dropping limbs or falling over. When it comes time, hire us to come in for tree removal service. Contact us today for a quote for tree removal, or if you have questions about our tree removal process! You can also contact us to work to minimize disease in the tree through our other tree services, including trimming, fertilization, tree health care, pruning and more!