treeserv1At JRP Services we have the ability to handle many kinds of tree services. Our 30 plus years of experience in tree services and demolition, paired with our dedication to great customer service give us the ability to be the best in the industry. We will take out trees that become a danger to the community, trim down your trees if they get close to structures or lines, clear your land or grind a stump down below grade to help you save money over tree stump removal.

Trees need care as they grow. Fertilization helps keep trees growing well. Pruning will help keep them growing in the direction you would like, keeping them from becoming overgrown or encroaching where they’re not welcome. Pruning will also help the tree stay healthy, keeping the dead branches under control and helping the tree to grow with health instead of disease. Pruning can also promote growth of the tree when done right. Our tree topping service can bring beautiful life into your trees. The same goes with trimming off limbs; the cut needs to be properly made so it can heal without becoming susceptible to issues.

Clearing land to get it ready for building can involve removal of all the trees on the land, including tree stump removal. However, it may include tree preservation, a plan to protect a historical tree on the property. We can get this set up for you if this is the option you choose.

To care for your trees, JRP Services has the know-how, experience and equipment to help your tree grow well or to remove a tree that is dead, dying or diseased. Whatever your needs, if it involves getting your property ready for storm season or cleaning up the damaged trees after a storm, we’re your tree service company!

Contact us today and we’ll come to you with the passionate, dedicated service that has made us one of Houston’s favorite tree services, including: