trimming-picProper tree trimming or pruning techniques require many years of study both in the classroom and outdoors in the field. At JRP Services, our arborists combine science and artistry to properly trim and prune trees in order to give them long lasting life and beauty. Improper limb and branch removal can result in more issues in the tree’s limbs.

Tree limbs need to be trimmed throughout the life of a tree in order to protect the tree against further damage from wind, insects animals and other pests that would bring more injury and disease to the tree. When storm damaged limbs remain, they are a potential hazard and could damage more of the tree, exposing it to the elements and sources for disease. Leaving these limbs in a tree can also result in the injury of a person or damage to property surrounding the tree.

Trimming off of the dead or dying branches and limbs will help the tree stay healthy. Tree trimming also keeps the tree’s food going to the healthy branches, so they will continue to grow. The sooner you can have damaged limbs removed, the faster the tree can recover and become healthy again.

Tree trimming can be a dangerous job, especially in tall trees or when limbs are near utilities lines. Hire a professional tree trimming service to trim areas of your tree you cannot reach from the ground. We have the proper equipment and training to remove any size of tree limb or branch from any part of the tree without injury or property damage. JRP Services, in Houston TX, offers tree trimming to improve the look of your landscaping. Contact us today and learn for yourself why our clients love us! 281-820-3915

We also offer other tree services to help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful, including topping, pruning, fertilization, tree preservation, emergency services, cabling and bracing and more!