tree-preservation-picTree preservation can save a tree that might otherwise die. Here at JRP Services, we love to preserve your trees, as we know that trees hugely benefit the look and value of your landscape. Here’s what we can do to aid in preserving your older trees:

Properly Regulate Your Watering

Watering your tree with an appropriate am
ount of water is crucial. Trees rely on water for proper growth, and overwatering or underwatering can seriously hinder a tree’s healthfulness.


Aerating the ground around your tree allows for better air and water penetration to its roots. Lots of root structures suffer from blockages over time, and as clay and silt settle around your root structure, your tree may begin to ‘suffocate.’ We reopen essential access to water, air, and nutrients.

Fertilize Those Roots

Dying roots can kill a tree. And thriving roots support a happy tree. We use deep root fertilization to give your roots the nutrients for which they hunger.

Prune Wasteful Limbs

Dead and dying limbs should be cut from a tree. These limbs, although they aren’t flourishing, may be soaking up water and nutrients that could be used elsewhere on your tree. Moreover, dead limbs are prone to mold and bacteria that can spread throughout your tree’s structure. Stop disease spread at its source.


We can step back to monitor your tree’s health after we’ve treated it. Monitoring your tree will allow us to discern your tree’s problem and the appropriate solution.

Call on us! We’ll take a look at your tree and ensure that it has a long healthy life.